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Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer* -- YOU can be in charge of Agency/Associates-wide event!

*(Managers may authorize admin leave for reasonable amounts of time for participating in Associates Activites per HR Directive 410-6-1, Chapter 6 and Appendix F)


The Associates is looking for a committee chairperson.  This is a resume enhancing position:

 Book Fair Chair -- We have multiple book fairs per year.  There is a procedure list for all steps and duties.

- Communicating:  advertising, drafting and placement of marketing materials.

- People work:  lining up vendor and volunteers as needed.

- Coordinating and Compliance:  Booking dates and spaces, arrange logistics with guards, facilities and public affairs.

- Ensuring Security:  Delivery of wares, storage and placement of items.  Collect and account for funds, deposits and informing treasurer of monies.

- Loading:  Coordinate activities of committee members and directing vendor.

- Liaison:  attend and update Governor's Monthly Meeting and Board of Directors.

Please send email to for more information.

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