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Who we are

You can join The Associates at any time by sending just $5.00 along with the Membership Renewal Form to one of the various Governors located throughout the agencies; retirees please follow instructions on the form. There is an annual membership drive during January and February every year. 


The Associates sponsors reduced-price sales of products and services, such as Book Fairs and Entertainment Books. The Associates also has wheelchairs and medical equipment  you can borrow, a Notary Public, and a paperback lending library at Dittmer and theHeadquartersBuilding. You can also access the Watts News and archives of past issues online. 


The Associates awards at least $5,000 per year in academic scholarships to Members' children. Members are also entitled to apply for special grants (in case of a personal catastrophe) and Caring & Sharing presentations when death, illness, injury, or a child's birth/adoption occurs. The Associates is also involved in sponsoring Blood Drives, Food Drives, Foster Children's Holiday Gifts Programs, and many other functions. The Associates also sponsors various sports teams, such as Golf, Bowling, and Softball.  We are able to offer discount programs for group events, such as Blazer games, ballets, plays, concerts, and ice skating shows. 


Special events are held each year. Past events include the Children's Holiday Roller Skating Party and the Summer Picnic. Both are held at OaksParkand are sponsored by the Associates for its members. In the past, the Associates have also organized Craft Bazaars, Book Fairs, and various other fund raisers. All money raised goes towards the Associates Scholarship fund, the Caring & Sharing Program, and various grants that may arise during the year. 


The NW Federal Employee's Associates includes not only BPA employees (including contract employees), but employees from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, Geological Survey, NOAA Fisheries, Pacific NW Federal Credit Union, Office of the Regional Solicitor and US Geological Survey. Our organization has been going strong for over 60 years, and has continued to be a very important part of being a Federal employee. 


Employees are welcome to become a Governor and/or attend the monthly meetings, which are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. 

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