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Craft Bazaar - Security Requirements

Instructions to access the venue





Dear Crafters,

Here we go again!  The instructions for this year's security requirements are show below.  Please be sure to read everything.

Security requirements:

All boxes, bags, etc. have to be checked before being brought into the building.  As you can imagine, if all crafters try to bring their crafts in all at one time, it could be quite over whelming to the security staff at the front door.  In order to accomplish the security check, everyone is being asked to sign up for a block of time to bring in their crafts. 


  1. Please bring in your merchandise during your allotted time and ensure you have photo ID
  2. BPA's address is 905 NE 11th Ave. The volunteers will check your boxes on the loading dock in the 905 building. The loading dock is to the left of the ramp as you enter the garage.
  3. All vehicles entering the building will undergo a security inspection. Please park on the West side (south facing) of NE 9th Avenue and a Security Officer will assist you.
  4. All crafts should be in boxes with lids. (Please put your names on the boxes as they will be stored with other merchandise in the storage area)
  5. After the boxes are checked, the crafts will be taken (by you) to Room 122. (We hope to have carts to assist you. If you have carts of your own, please bring them to carry the boxes to the storage area.)
  6. At the end of the first night all crafters assigned to space in the hallway will need to breakdown their displays and return all unsold merchandise to Room 122 until the next day.
  7. No additional merchandise can be brought in on either day of the bazaar. The guards will not be available to check any boxes after the first day. (See me if you need to bring in any special orders the next day.)
  8. You will be responsible for removing your crafts at the end of the second day using the front entrance.


Very Important!  will need a list of names of all people that will be bringing in the crafts for the security check who do not have building entry badges at least 72 hours prior to check-in day.This list will be given to security to enable you to get into the loading dock area on the check-in day. NOTE: Please have ID available.


All persons entering the building for the Bazaar on the craft fair days will need to get a building pass from security. In order to accomplish this, we will need the names of all non-badged people that will be selling your crafts at the bazaar. The names will be given to security to enable them to have building passes pre-made for the days of the fair. This will cut down the time needed to enter the building and will make security’s job a lot easier.


Visitors /customers to the fair, who are not federal employees with federal ID, may sign in at the lobby and receive a pass to the Bazaar. This will allow access to the lobby and room 122  only.


Please come in through the BPA building and pick up your pass from the security desk before entering the Bazaar area.


In summation:


Please follow the schedule for security check-in.

Please provide the names of all non-badged people that will be dropping off the crafts for the security check-in.

Please provide the names of all non-badged people that will be selling your crafts during the craft fair.



Prior year’s security check-in has gone very smoothly. While it is an inconvenience, I’m sure we all agree that we can live with the safety requirements when we know that it is in the interest of our family and friends that are working in the buildings.


See you soon!


The Associates


P.S. Tally Sheet to record your sales for the two days of the bazaar will be on your tables. If you need additional sheets, please see one of the craft fair committee members. Return the Tally Sheet with your 10 -15 percent to us before you leave on Friday.

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