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Northwest Federal Employees Association

Our historian, Libby Burke, has unearthed more gems from 1939, the first 3 editions of the Bonneville Spark.  Each edition is 35-45 pages and provides a window into life at the “Bonneville Project” in 1939.  You can read about the Christmas Party, held in the garage at the Bonneville Annex, poems, and an Office Gossip page.  Volume 1 No. 1 includes the original draft of Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws of the Bonneville Project Associates, while Volume 1 No.3 has a tribute to J. D. Ross after his death.  Great find, Libby!

The Northwest Federal Employees Association (NFEA or “Associates”) is a nonprofit organization established under IRS paragraph 501(c)(4) to maintain the general welfare and provide specified benefits to Federal employees whose Agency is headquartered in the Lloyd Center area of Portland, Oregon.

The Associates Foundation

The Associates Foundation is a charitable organization that was created as a vehicle to provide for tax deductible donations of cash, medical equipment, etc. The Associates work closely with the Associates Foundation to provide support for the College Scholarships, Food Drive, Medical Equipment Loan Program, and Holiday Gifts for Foster Children as most of those who support the Associates Foundation are the members of the Associates. The following are some of the benefits that the Associates Foundation provides to employees, contractors, retirees, the community and/or the Associates members:

  • Collects thousands of pounds of food for those in need
  • Awards $5,000 of college scholarships annually
  • Medical Equipment Loan program
  • Many holiday gifts for foster children


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Employees are welcome to become a Governor and/or attend the monthly meetings, which are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. 


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