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Announcing the 2016 Scholarship awards

This year the Scholarship Committee received 18 applications.  All applicants possessed impressive qualifications and our independent panel of area educators took their time to carefully evaluate and rank the applications.  As a result of their consideration, this year’s scholarships have been awarded to the following students:

     $1,200 Ron Holeman Honorary Scholarship – Brianna Scott (daughter of Lisa Scott) 

     $1,100 Claudia Andrews Honorary Scholarship – Georgia Welch (daughter of Anna King) 

     $1,000 Deborah Maria Honorary Scholarship – Daniel Rehman (son of Cindra Rehman) 

     $1,000 Don Davey Honorary Scholarship – Christopher Oden-Orr (son of Donna Oden-Orr)

     $800 Portland Marathon 21st Aid Station Scholarship – MacKenzie Hurlburt (daughter of Jenny Hurlburt)

     $800 Jonathan Perrault Honorary Scholarship – Chetan Dindukurthi (son of Ramesh Dindukirthi)

     $800 Associates Scholarship – Anne Miller (daughter of Mark Miller)

We would like to thank all of the Associates members for helping us award scholarships each year.  The scholarships are what we work towards all year - your membership dues and all the fundraising we do throughout the year fund these awards.  This is a really big event and the main reason for joining and supporting the Associates

We would also like to thank this year’s applicants.  All of these students are very deserving, and we hope they will apply again next February.

Thank you again for all of your support.


Scholarship Committee:

Claudia Perot, Chair – JCD-6 (905 6-Q5) BPA HQ …….…………......503-230-3754

Eileen Jensen, TEI-TPP-1 (TPP 1-120) Vancouver……………......….360-619-6748

Karen Graves-Pyrch – Foundation Rep.; KS-4 (905 4-N6) BPA HQ...503-230-3194


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