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Meet the 2016 Associates Scholarship recipients

Announcing the recipients of the 2016 Associates Scholarships

Briana Scott:  Ron Holeman Honorary Scholarship

I am incredibly honored and grateful to receive this scholarship! I know this will Briana Scottimmensely aid me in my educational goals. Currently, I am studying my way to earn a Biology B.S. degree with a minor in Vocational Ministry at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. My ultimate goal is to be accepted into medical school next year in order to become a doctor. Through the opportunities at my school, I have been able to participate in study abroad programs and gain much cross-cultural understanding. These experiences include shadowing surgeons and extracting teeth in Fiji, to visiting nonprofits in the villages of East Africa, to living with a Spanish-speaking family in Argentina. These have confirmed for me that I am very interested in becoming a medical missionary, and I hope to travel in the future as a surgeon.

I am looking forward to my upcoming Senior year as I will continue my involvement in S.O.S., a local homeless industry, and working three jobs as a nanny, event staff worker, and a medical scribe. I will also be pursuing my path towards medical school by preparing for the MCAT exam and working on my applications. This scholarship not only will aid me in my educational funds, but also in the expenses required in reaching the goal of becoming a doctor. Your support through this aid is truly an honor and motivator for me. Vinaka vakalevu (Fijian), Weebale (Lugandan), muchas gracias (Spanish), that is, thank you very much for this scholarship.

Georgia Welch:  Claudia Andrews Honorary Scholarship

Dear Associates Foundation,

Thank you for honoring me with the Claudia Andrews Honorary Scholarship. It is an incredible gift, and I am very grateful to the Associates Foundation for selecting my entry.

Georgia WelchThis scholarship will help me complete my education at the University of Washington Seattle. I will be a freshman in the fall, and I will be pursuing a career in pediatrics and education. I have already completed an Associate of the Arts Oregon Transfer degree (AAORT) that I earned during high school. My school, Jefferson High School Middle College for Advanced Studies, is partnered with Portland Community College, and with the support of my family and peers, I  was able to complete my degree with a final GPA of 3.5 and a high school GPA of 3.94. This academic schedule, while very challenging, helped me realize my interest in science and medicine. It also taught me more about my own strengths and weaknesses, helping me become a stronger student.

My extracurricular activities have been just as demanding. In school I was a member of the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), and I was a co-leader during my senior year. As a leader, I helped organize events such as Ally Week and Anti-Bullying Week, as well as reach out and present to teachers, staff, and freshman classes. Outside of school, I performed at Northwest Children’s Theater and School (NWCTS) in four shows over three years, including two during the Christmas holiday, including an award-winning production of Mary Poppins. For each show I would spend two months at the theater, rehearsing songs and choreography before performing to large audiences for another month. My afternoons and weekends belonged to my director, and I have spent some of my happiest times on that stage. 

In addition to my education, I worked at different locations during summers. For three years I worked at NWCTS, assisting youth theater education classes. This summer I spend most days at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), assisting youth classes focused on science and technology. Every day working with young learners is a gift to me. Working with growing children has helped me discover more about myself; I love working as an educator, and I am comfortable acting as a leader.

All of my experiences, from a challenging academic path to working with youth in theater and science, have helped shape my future. I am very grateful for this scholarship, because I know it will help me reach my goals. Thank you.

Daniel Rehman:  Deborah Maria Honorary Scholarship

Dear Associates,

Thank you so much for choosing me as the recipient for the Associates $1000 Daniel RehmanDeborah Maria Honorary Scholarship. This Scholarship is invaluable to me as I continue my education in my second year at Clark College before I transfer to Washington State University in Vancouver (WSUV) as a junior, majoring in Computer Science.

Ever since I was little, I have been curious about the way things work. I excelled in math and science in my youth, and throughout my high school years at iTech Preparatory HS, I had always been in pursuit of something that had to do with math and science. I strengthened my engineering skills by taking design and robotics classes as electives, and even embarked on a couple home projects that further sharpened my skills.

I am currently using these skills through Clark College's Associate in Science Track 2 (AST2). This Computer Science degree will enable me to transfer to WSUV, where I will continue my studies to ultimately graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science. From there, I plan to attend graduate school to pursue a Masters in Cognitive Science, hopefully at a school like MIT.

This combination of an education background in Computer Science and Cognitive Science will hopefully prepare me well for the field I ultimately wish to go into, which is the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I'm fascinated by AI, not only because it has the possibility of drastically changing the way humans live, but also because it teaches you how humans think in the first place. I'm enthralled with AI, and it is my life's passion to contribute substantially to the field.

Christopher Oden-Orr:  Don Davey Honorary Scholarship

Christopher Oden-OrrDear Associates Foundation Scholarship Committee,

Thank you for awarding me the Don Davey Honorary Scholarship.  It prides me to know you felt I was the most qualified applicant.  I graduated from Central Catholic High School this past June and in the Fall I will be attending the University of Utah where I hope to major in Computer Science with an emphasis in Game Design.

I am really looking forward to the new experience of college and I’m ready for the challenge of the rigorous academics there.  After getting my degree I hope to go into the game industry working for a game developer as a coder.  Eventually, I want to one day be able to design and create my own successful video game.  Your scholarship will make this goal less of a financial burden on me and my family.  Thank you.


Christopher Oden-Orr

Kenzie Hurlburt:  Portland Marathon 21st Aid Station Scholarship

Thank you, members of the Associates Board for assisting me in reaching my dream of going to college; the scholarship you have granted me helps me Kenzie Hurlburtimmensely in achieving my success. I am honored and grateful that you have chosen me to be a recipient of the Associates Scholarship.

    I am going on to study Computer Science at Central Oregon Community College in the fall of 2016, and will pursue a degree in computer science and engineering. I have applied to be a member of the student government and council at COCC and plan on becoming a member of their gardening club. I intend on finishing my two years of prerequisites at COCC and then continuing on to Oregon State University to complete my bachelor's degree. I am excited to become a part of the community at COCC and share my skills with them. I am studying computer science and business as a minor so that one day I will be able to build my own software development company, and be able to build a better and more secure world for future generations.

    During my time at Central Oregon Community college I plan on becoming a part of their community by joining the gardening, chess and student government clubs. Volunteering my time to the land around me and challenging my mind against other opponents will sharpen my critical thinking skills for the job of developing cutting edge software as well as further developing my leadership skills.

    Once again, I thank you, the Associates, greatly for giving me this scholarship and I am honored that you see in me my determination to succeed.


        Kenzie Hurlburt

Chetan Dindukurthi:  Jonathan Perrault Honorary Scholarship

Thank you very much for awarding me Jonathan Perrault Honorary Scholarship. I am honored, humbled and grateful to receive this scholarship. This scholarship will cover some of my college expenses and help me focus on my studies.Chetan Dindukurthi

I had recently graduated from Westview High school and planned to attend Oregon State University this fall.  At OSU, I plan to major in Electrical and Computer engineering with a minor in psychology. After completing my undergraduate program at OSU, eventually I plan to pursue Masters’ program in robotics and get a job preferably in the field of robotics.

During my high school years, I have been involved in a variety of clubs like Speech and Debate, Science club, Robotics club and National Hons Society.  I had participated in robotics competitions for the past 6 years and was able to progress to the World Championship competitions held at St. Louis. Our robotics teams’ success was published in Oregonian newspaper.

Many thanks to Associates for encouraging me in pursuing my career goals.

 Anne Miller:  Associates Scholarship

Dear Associates,

My name is Anne Miller, and I recently completed my first year at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Many factors contributed to my initial decision to attend Gonzaga. Most importantly, I was impressed with the nursing program and was excited to join the heavily spirited student body. Go Zags! While I did find the program and spirit I hoped for, I also stumbled upon something even better. The Anne Millercommunity. Throughout my freshman year, I was constantly taken back by the kindness and care I came across on campus. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to attend such a wonderful university, and it would not be possible without the generous support of scholarships

In just a few short weeks, I will be headed back to Spokane for my sophomore year. I am on a four-year track to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing by spring of ’19. Upon graduation, I hope to spend a few years travel nursing around the country before settling back in the Pacific Northwest.

I want to thank the Associates Foundation for selecting me. I feel honored and beyond thankful for the Associates' generosity that will help me pursue my future.

Thank you,

Anne Miller

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