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Donate Medical Equipment to The Associates Foundation

Equipment for Loan - Or Borrow As Needed


The Associates Foundation ("Foundation") sponsors the Medical Equipment Loan Program. This program provides Associates members and their immediate family access to used medical equipment for temporary loan. The Foundation’s inventory of medical equipment is stored in the Associates room at BPA HQ (Portland) in level B1. This storage room is locked, so loans must be done by appointment. As this is a service offered through volunteers, please allow a few days to process request.

The inventory includes the following donated items (in various sizes):
    Crutches, canes and folding walkers
    Transport wheelchairs
    Home medical equipment (such as bathtub transfer chairs)

We recently received a request for a knee wheelchair, which we do not have in inventory. If you have a knee wheelchair, or other medical equipment in very good condition, please consider donating it for this program.

To borrow items, contact Associates Foundation Medical Equipment chair (Ann Shintani, at ext. 5569) and arrange an appointment, and provide a description of need. Please return borrowed equipment in good condition after use. This program relies on in-kind donations of equipment, and donations may be tax deductible.

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